June 08, 2006

Why can't we just leave the EU

The CAP has impoverished the third world. This then means that any food that is allowed through the tarrif barriers is a hostage against African governments using DDT against malaria carrying mosquito, a disease that kills tens of thousands each year.

The CFP has destroyed both the small boat fishing fleets of Europe, the European fisheries, and African fishing fleets.

Sooner rather than later the EU's Denied Boarding regulations are going to cause a major air disaster.

The EU required VAT is a fraud magnet, and like all indirect taxes one that hits poorer people especially hard. Not that much else that gets touched by this institution doesn't end up as a source of large scale fraud, it hasn't been able to get it's accounts signed off for 11 years. Even Enron managed better than that.

Last year the EU constitution was killed in referenda in France and Holland. Since then opposition to it has hardened in both countries. Yet it is still being implemented, creating things such as the EU foreign service, without any legal basis and in opposition to the democratically expressed wishes of the people.

Why can't we just leave?


Blogger Serf said...

Because that would make us Xenophobic, apparently.

10:22 am  
Blogger tomdg said...

Ah well, I agree with you about the CAP and common fisheries policy. I also agree with your comments about VAT too. It's true that taxes like VAT hit poorer people especially hard. I'm impressed that you noticed.

And while your Enron comment is quite valid, the fact that they managed to get their accounts signed off had more to do with their accountants and their "special relationship" with them than with the nature of their accounts.

I still think an EU is a good thing, not just as a free trade area or customs union, but with the harmonisation of laws in some areas, and freedom of work and travel. But I do wonder whether it might not be both viable and desirable to start again from scratch.

7:14 am  

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